Tell me a Story: May 2015 …interacting with nature

The images are not perfect but I could not resist telling this story.  You have probably seen me posting this little red Cardinal on my photography page in Facebook.  It is a beautiful bird and as a nature lover I love seeing new and interesting birds in my back garden.  However, this bird is driving us nuts.  Our windows have a reflective shield since the summers in Florida can get really hot.  It appears that this little Cardinal probably can see trees and reflections in the window.  Since it is spring and mating season, it is probably looking for a mate.  Unfortunately the one in the reflection is not responding.

It keeps flying at the window, sitting on the edge and pooping on the deck.  So yesterday Richard cleared the deck, pressure cleaned it and then painted it.  Prior to doing that he hung old curtains over the window to stop the bird from checking out it’s reflected mate.

The Cardinal is still hanging around.  It keeps flying off and landing on the wild orchid.  I am convinced that spike is going to break soon.

I was working in my study and suddenly Moonshine, my inherited cat, and such  a sweet one at that, took off from my desk, growling as only cats can growl.  Apparently the Cardinal found another window and another mate.  Only this time there is a furry monster in the picture.

Moonshine looking for the Cardinal.

So the Cardinal flies up to the window and peaks and sings, and Moonshine spends half her time falling off the window sill trying to catch the cardinal. The glass looks terribly dirty close up, but the reflector is scratched and worn from over 15 years of being attached to the window.  Added to that I am not climbing out on a double story roof to clean them.

The Cardinal looking in the window

Moonshine was all action, trying desperately to catch the bird, and ended up very frustrated when she could not.

Moonshine was on one side of the glass and the Cardinal was on the other.  The silly bird keeps flying up to the glass.  I can only think it sees itself in the reflection, but today it targeted my office, and Moonshine hangs out in there.  She was so frustrated that she could not get at the bird.  The bird of course kept on flying up to the window.

For the entire afternoon she either stared at the windowsill or climbed up to find the bird.  Where is that Cardinal?

Where is that Cardinal?

It is out there somewhere.  She just kept waiting.

She's waiting for it to come back again

And then she would stretch up to the ledge and peer out through the window.  Waiting….for the right opportunity to spring up and catch it.

Where is it?


Finally they were face to face and she was growling her funny noises again.  The bird on the other hand was happily pecking away at the window.

A little to close for comfort.

and chewing on a berry of some sort.

I can see you cat

We also have mosquito netting for the months when summer is done and the cool air is flowing through.  Mosquito’s are a hazard of life in our neck of the woods, but the netting is a great landing spot for the Cardinal. I’m hanging out – catch me if you can!

I'm hanging out - catch me if you can.

And my poor little girl, keeps attempting.  This has gone on all weekend.  Richard seems to think that the bird will disappear but all it is doing is going to the second story.

It's out there somewhere

It’s out there somewhere

I can sense the frustration of my poor cat.  Moonshine is going to go nuts if that bird is pecking on the office window all day.  In the interim hopefully it finds it’s mate and goes and makes more little Cardinals.  Not sure why it is so instinctive for a cat to want to catch birds.

While not the artistically perfect photo’s, this was great to watch over the course of this weekend.   Please remember that this is a circle blog, so take time to read what the other photographers have for you.  Up next is Sharon Meyer Photography.  Take some time to check out her blog and then follow the circle link and leave some encouragement on the other photographers pages.

If you are interested in seeing more of my photography take a look at my Facebook page or my Flickr Page.


8 Comments on “Tell me a Story: May 2015 …interacting with nature

  1. POOR Moonshine! That bird is teasing her! Love the red bird though….and moonshine is beautiful!


  2. So funny! Birds seem to go mad during mating season. We once had a mockingbird sing his love song all through the night, even at two, three o’clock in the morning, right outside our window. I love the second, third, and fourth images. Such a great story with images to match.


  3. What a great capture! Poor moonshine though! While the bird is beautiful and I love the photo of the bird and the flowers, I feel bad for the cat being teased! Hopefully the bird moves on lol!


    • Thanks Emily – I am not even sure the bird actually gets the picture, it is still flying at the window a week later. Moonshine on the other hand has “bigger” issues – we have just gained another cat which is a street cat. She is not too happy about that.


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