Tell Me a Story: April 2015

This month my plans fell through. I had planned to go down to Fairfield Gardens in Miami.  However, the weather predicted rain and I did not want to drive 1.5 hours and then walk around gardens in the rain.   Then the actual outing I was going to was cancelled and to be honest I have felt tired lately, and decided to just take a walk locally.  So I pulled out the Macro lens and went to the park very close to my home.  At the entrance to the nature trail they have a Butterfly garden.  This is where a spent a bit of time.

The Mockingbird is the state bird of Florida, and they tend to sing endlessly.  Today there were a few flying around.  It is spring in Florida and birds are singing and mating and laying eggs.  We have a mockingbird in our garden and every so often I wonder if it will ever tire out it’s voice box.

Daggerwing Nature Center. April 17, 2015 0345

I love Butterflies but they are really hard to photograph.  They never stop for too long and it take a lot of patience to wait for one to do so.  Below is a Zebra Longwing Butterfly.

Daggerwing Nature Center. April 17, 2015 0359

Bees are another insect that is hard to photograph.  They are always so busy flying from one plant to the next.  You have to catch them when they are gorging on the nectar or collecting pollen.

Daggerwing Nature Center. April 17, 2015 0373

Butterfly gardens are full of plants that attract these insects to them.  It is always so nice to sit back and watch them hover around.  I would love to plant a butterfly garden in my back yard

Daggerwing Nature Center. April 17, 2015 0395

The Cassius Blues (Leptotes cassius) is a minute little butterfly that flits from plant to plant.

Daggerwing Nature Center. April 17, 2015 0415

This Bee really got it’s head well into the plant. I was interested in why Bees need nectar or pollen.  Interestingly nectar provides an energy source while pollen provides protein and fats.  I did not know that.

Daggerwing Nature Center. April 10, 2015 9843

Butterflies are such delicate insects.  Quite often they look quite raggedy by end of their life cycle.  This butterfly has a big chunk out of it’s wing as you will see in the second image.

Daggerwing Nature Center. April 17, 2015 0403

Daggerwing Nature Center. April 17, 2015 0398

Another Mockingbird flitted into the trees.  They seemed to be out in abundance this day.

Daggerwing Nature Center: April 17, 2015 0349

Last image is again of the Cassius Blues (Leptotes cassius).  I feel like these butterflies are not much bigger than my a 50 cents piece.

Daggerwing Nature Center: April 17, 2015 0409

“Life is short. If you doubt me, ask a butterfly. Their average life span is a mere five to fourteen days.”

~ Ellen DeGeneres, The Funny Thing is …..

This is a circle blog, so please head on over to J Garcia Photography’s page and see what she has for you.  Janelle is the newest member of our group.   I know that you will love what she has to share with you.  I so enjoy being part of this group and collaborating with other photographers.

If you are interested in seeing more of my photography take a look at my Facebook page or my Flickr Page.

10 Comments on “Tell Me a Story: April 2015

  1. I love taking walks with you and today was no different. My favorite it the last image of the butterfly. Great DOF and love the blue spots!


  2. Beautiful images! Those butterflies and bees can be so tricky to capture, but you managed to grab so many lovely shots. I do love that first image of the mockingbird best, though, because you managed to capture it in midsong, and these days, all they seem to do is sing.


    • Thanks Janelle – we have a mockingbird in our back garden. It does not stop. I keep thinking it will run out of energy but it doesn’t.


  3. I agree with you that butterfly’s are hard to shoot but you did a great job.. the photos are beautiful Sharleen… Love the bee and the birds..!


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