Sharetographers: Share Six: April 2015: Tasty…

The topic is tasty.  Oh boy, this is my challenge.  I could do chocolate, but then I would be forced to eat it all.  I thought about a salad but that was not capturing my attention.  Recently on facebook there was a recipe going around that I had downloaded because it really looked interesting.

Let me start out by saying …I am not Julia Childs…!!  I can cook but it is most definitely not a passion.  My mother could bake, I did not get those genes.  Cooking for me is on an as needed basis.  Richard needs and so I cook.  I cook every day, but I will be honest, it is basic cooking and nothing fancy.  I could not be bothered and do not want to waste my time in the kitchen.

The gene I got, was having my nose in a novel.  I would rather time travel, to lands of swords and dynasties, than hang out in a kitchen cooking.

However, I told Richard I was making breakfast on Sunday and I was taking photographs.  He went cycling and I meandered downstairs for my cup of coffee.

I pulled out the recipe and gathered the ingredients.  Another confession….I am really not good at following recipes.  I think I added my favorite foods, which were not in the recipe….mushrooms and peppers.  Richard was interfering, and  when I discovered that he had used all the onions for his turkey burgers, I sent him off to the shop.  Double score.  I got rid of the interference and told him to buy me some flowers.

Let me say this, the end result in my opinion is never the same as the photo that which I am working towards.  However, it was not bad.  Down side, it takes way to long to prepare and if you are having guests over for breakfast, you best work fast and not take photo’s of everything.

So this is the combination of a scrambled egg mix, with mushrooms, red peppers, chives and onion flakes added to it, layered on Pillsbury crescents, topped with cheese and bacon and garnished with additional cheese on top. One additional piece of advice – don’t take the Pillsbury crescents out until the very last minute.  Fortunately I had bought two containers of them.

Sharetographers: Tasty: April 12, 2015 9947

Sharetographers: Tasty: April 12, 2015 9950

Sharetographers: Tasty: April 12, 2015 9989

Sharetographers: Tasty: April 12, 2015 9994

Sharetographers: Tasty: April 12, 2015 0001

Sharetographers: Tasty: April 12, 2015 0024

 It’s fun to get together and have something good to eat at least once a day.

That’s what human life is all about – enjoying good things!

~ Julia Childs

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