Capturing the Year – 52 Weeks Photo Project

Capturing the Year – 52 Week Photo Project is a Facebook group of photographers whose aim is to take one photo a week on a specific topic for a period of 52 weeks.  I joined this group mid 2014 so this is my second year that I am posting with them.

Week 1:  Just for Fun:

Many people hate them but I truly love Raccoon.  Not growing up and seeing them on a day to day basis, I really love it when I do see them.  Yes, I know that they are sneaky, I’ve learned over the years that they will steal your food when you are camping.  But there is something so beautiful about them that just really draws me in.  Today as I walked in the wetlands I found this Raccoon at the top of a dead palm tree.  Clearly it has burrowed into the palm tree to make it’s home.

Green Cay Wetlands:  Delray Beach:  January 3, 2015 8429

Week 2:  Jewelry

The topic jewelry was not hard for me – I immediately knew what I wanted to use.  The setting however, was a different story.  I could not make up my mind which one I preferred, so in the end I submitted them both.

The first setting I used involved a hat, a broach and a string of pearls.  The jewelry and the hat are things I have inherited. The hat is a weird story. When my mom died I flew back home to close up her home, and in the sorting and the packing I came across this 50’s type hat. For some weird reason I put the hat on and walked around in it for hours. My brother thought I was nuts. The pearls and the cameo were gifts from my grandmother and have a lot of sentimental value. I don’t wear either very often but I do love them both.

Capturing the Year 52 weeks:  Topic - Jewelery: January 11. 2015

Because I was feeling indecisive and in a black and white mood, I did a second shot. When thinking on this topic I remembered doing something similar in a wedding shoot and I wanted to see if I could create the same effect. The cameo and pearls were my grandmothers and I have a lot of good memories of her. The Bible belonged to Richards grandmother and she passed it down to him before she died. Faith is a strong foundation of my life, and am always reminded that this bible is an inheritance passed down from generation to generation.


Capturing the Year 52 weeks:  Topic - Jewelery: January 11. 2015

Week 3:  Winter

The theme was winter, but that is really hard for someone living down in Southern USA.  Winter happens maybe two weeks of the year.  Floridians pull out their boots, and scarves and winter woolies, and pack them away 3 days later.  So while the rest of the northern hemisphere is freezing and has these wonderful snowy images, I have a gorgeous sunset taking from the parking lot of a shopping center.

Sunset: January12, 2014: 9165

Week 4:  Transportation

This was a week full of transportation.  The first image was taken from a traffic light as the cars pulled off.  It was rainy and wet and had some great reflections.  The second and third were taken on a sunny winters day at the lake.  The last was taken from my back garden as this microlight (or something) flew over.  Not sure I am too crazy about that on a Sunday morning.  It disturbs my peace, and chases my critters away.

Out in the rain:  January 15, 2014 Iphone Pic

Week 5:  From Afar

What can be further away than the sun.  I happened to stop by a park to take a different image and decided that the cloud cover and sun combination would probably suit my topic.  That I got the lake in as well was a real bonus.

Capturing the Year 52 Week Project: From Far Away: Jan 25, 2015

Week 6:  Red

I did not know if I would get the image that I was looking for this week so I settled and went with red roses.

Capturing the Year 52 Week Project: Red: Feb 8, 2015

However, while I was up in Gainesville I managed to get the photo that I wanted.  So here it is..

Gainesville: February 12, 2015 1973

Week 7:  Eyes

My Ms Squirrel is such a sweet little mite, and I love the interaction time I have with her.  Today her eyes were only on her food and me since I might have got a little too close.

Outback on the canal:  Feb 17 2015 2120

Week 8:  Around the house

Books are my strength and my weakness. I have way to many books. I have family bibles, books of encouragement, novels, educational books. I have too many books. So much so that I turned my walk in closet into a library. I hate to get rid of books.

Marian's Farewell:  Feb 18, 2015 2145


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