Street 52 2017 – Street Photography

I came across this group this year and decided that I really wanted to join the group.  It is a Facebook project encouraging artist to get out on the street and get photographing.  I have found that the more I travel the more I am enjoying street photography.  I will confess though that I have yet found the courage to actually stop and speak to my subjects.

Week 1

This photo was taken the day before a man walked out of baggage claim into Terminal 2 at Fort Lauderdale airport and started shooting people. My heart hurts for the families that lost loved ones and for those who were injured by this sad action.  We were there on the Thursday.  It was chaotic, confusing and exasperating.  And I was saying goodbye to my daughter who was flying back to Macedonia for another year of Peace Corp work.

Street Photography: Week 1: January 5, 2017:5795

Week 2

The local Japanese Gardens have a festival at the beginning of the year called Oshogatsu, A New Years Celebration.  I went there to take photographs of the drum events and my idea was to walk in the gardens abit, but it was so busy that I skipped that and will go back another day.  This guy was standing near the drum tent and he really caught my attention.

Morikami Japanese Gardens & Museum: January 8, 2017:  5928

Week 3

After a crazy week of sunrise to sunset workdays, I found myself wanting to decompress and so I woke up before sunrise on the Friday morning, which is my day off work, and headed to the beach to watch the sunrise.  I also went with the thought in mind that I may be able to capture some interesting street photography.  As I was walking back to my car this elderly gentleman shuffled slowly up to the bench. Walking alongside him was this great big service dog.  The man settled down on the bench and appeared to dose off.

Sunrise at Deerfield Beach: January 13, 2017: 6233

Week 4

I love this big tree at Morikami Japanese Gardens and Museum, and our topic this week was to sit and wait until someone came into your image area.  This man walked right on down and sat on the bench.

Morikami Japanese Gardens & Museum: January 20, 2017: 6353

Week 5

Waiting.  And this was one of those evening where we were all sitting waiting for the sun to set.  The image was taken with the Lensbaby Composer Pro and the Sweet 35 optic.  Again I love the blur this lens creates.

A.R.M Loxahatchee National Park: January 26, 2017: 7179

Week 6

This weeks topic was to follow someone.  I had walked down this sidewalk to go to a meeting and then afterwards I walked around town and came back to this point to follow someone.

Downtown WPB: February 2, 2017: 7407

Week 7

I did not have the topic when I shared my image for this week.  I had re-edited some images taken in Savanah Georgia and I really loved the staircase.  The added bonus was the woman walking into my frame.

Nashville/Savannah/Gainesville vacation:  March 19, 2015: 7740

Week 8

From above was the topic this week, and so I headed to the local mall to get some images. It is hard to look inconspicuous when you are trying to take photos of people on the elevator.

Street 52:  From Above:  February 23, 2017:  8336

Week 9 

Was a continuation of the topic from above and I used an image from the elevator scene as I was traveling over this week.  I really enjoyed catching folk on the elevator.

Street 52:  From Above:  February 23, 2017:  8338

Week 10

We are still on the “from above” theme and this was taken from the second floor of a parking garage.  This couple appeared to be homeless and had all their belongings with them.

Street 52: Februar 24. 2017:   8451

Week 11

The theme this week was shapes and patterns on the street and this image was taken in Seattle at the waterfront area and Ferris Wheel.  Just a heads up I loved Seattle and it’s beautiful city.

Seattle, Orca Islands, Leavensworth, March 04-13, 2016 6127

Week 12

Shapes and patterns on the street was still the theme for week 12 and this image comes from a bridge on Sanibel Island.  I headed underneath the bridge to get this image.

Sanibel Island: December5 2015: 0478

Week 13

The theme for week 13 was reflections and this was an image taken in Seattle and I loved how the buildings across the street were reflected in the window that these two ladies were looking into.

Seattle, Orca Islands, Leavensworth, March 04-13, 2016 6704

Week 14

Reflections is still the theme and this was taken at the Morikami Japanese Gardens and Museum.  The reflection is of the beautiful gardens that I am about to venture into.

Morikami Japanese Gardens & Museum: April 7, 2017: 1715