Photography By Heart 2017 – 52 Week Project

Photography By Heart is a Facebook and Instagram run photography group made up of amazing administrators and talented photographers, who not only encourage but support as well.  This is the second year I am doing a 52 week photography project with them.

Week 1

I do a photo walk at least once a week, and this particular day was at the wetlands.  I am always fascinated by spider webs.  Spiders not so much.

Hanging on a silver thread.

Week 2

It was my aim to create negative space here and have a light and dark contrast.


Week 3

Early morning exercises at the beach.  I was there to catch the sunrise.  This guy was brave, the water was pretty rough for the local beach.

Sunrise at Deerfield Beach: January 13, 2017: 6155

Week 4

Outside my office window are this tiny Sparrows. They seem to hang about in the hedge obviously eating whatever is walking on the greenery.  They are sweet, cheerful little birds and I cannot help but get pleasure from them,

Birds: January 26, 2017: 7132

Week 5

There was something about this image that just tugged at me.  I am not sure if it was the solitude of the moment that resonated with me but I was pulled back to it to edit a number of times.

Wakadohatchee Wetlands: February 2, 2017: 7492

Week 6

Sunset at Loxahatchee National Park.  Instead of going up onto the rim of the Everglades I headed down to the pond.  Only thing is you have to watch out for alligators as I have seen them swimming in this pond.

A.R.M Loxahatchee National Park: February 9, 2017: 7829

Week 7

Back to Loxahatchee National Park and I am deliberately blurred the Lensbaby Composer Pro and Double Glass optic.  I am in love with the effect the Lensbaby gives.

Green Cay Wetlands: February17, 2017:  8063

Week 8

Another week, and another walk in the wetlands.  I was encouraged by another photographer to deliberately blur images to see what effect I get.  So today I took the walkway and blurred and I am happy with the results.

Green Cay Wetlands: February17, 2017: 8126

Week 9

I am back at Loxahatchee National Park and I stopped in a few different places to try to get something different.  The sun was still pretty high but I loved the effects of the reaching trees.

A.R.M Loxahatchee National Park: February 239, 2017: 8350

Week 10

This is probably an all time favorite of mine.  I went back to watch the sunset at Loxahatchee National Park and I also went back to the pond with my wide angle lens. This image gives me a sense of peace.

ARM Loxahatchee National Park:  March 9, 2017: 9213

Week 11

I wanted to test out all the Lensbaby optics to see what effects the various optics have when I use them on the same item.  This is what I got with the pinhole optic.  It did take a bit of getting used to to get this image.

Lily: March 13, 2017: 9320

Week 12

This Glossy Ibis had set up her nest directly below a Woodstork nest and she proudly and carefully took care of her three eggs.  Sadly 2 weeks later the Glossy Ibis, the eggs and the nest were gone.

Wakadohatchee Wetlands: March 23 2017: 9607

Week 13

Wakodahatchee Wetlands is in nursery stage right now with all the chicks hatching and this pair of Anhinga chicks managed to survive.  Two weeks later and these skinny birds are now all fluffy and moving on the branches.

Wakadohatchee Wetlands: March 23 2017: 0015

Week 14

I wanted to shoot for my blog post and so I took a drive to the Palm Beach Zoo.  I did not find anything to shoot for my blog however, this Peacock was interesting to watch.  It went from having it’s tail feathers flat to fluffing them out in an impressive display of feathers.  It preened and turned so that you got a full view of what it looked like.  This was a first for me and I have to say the Peacock is a stunning bird.

Palm Beach Zoo: March 31, 2017 0289

Week 15 

This week was a double entry for me.  I went to Green Cay Wetlands for a walk. I had not been there for a while but I heard the Screech Owl was back in town.  What a pleasure it was to see it with it’s head sticking out of its hole.  After watching it for a while (and it not moving), I moved on.  As I was walking on the back side of this tree, a little head pooped out.  The Screech Owl has a Woodpecker neighbor.

Green Cay Wetlands: April 14, 2017:

Green Cay Wetlands: April 14, 2017:  2277