Inspire Yourself 2017 – 52 week project

Inspire Yourself 52 week project is a Facebook group who were looking to inspire not only themselves but each other to complete the 52 week project.  I know some of the group but am enjoying meeting new folk with the same interests.  For this project I have committed to photography 52 weeks of black and white images.

Week 1

I love to walk in the wetlands.  I have been on a fast for the past 6 months unable to walk much due to surgery.  Right now the wetlands are starting to get active again with bird life.  The Herons are coming in, the Anhinga are building nests, the Woodstork are taking over areas they never used to nest in before.  There is a lot of activity and bird life to capture.  Added to that just walking in the wetlands is peaceful for me.

Wakodahatchee Wetlands: January 2, 2017 5548

Week 2

I went to the local Japanese Gardens to the Oshogatsu Festival – a New Years Celebration.  Part of the festival was a drum exhibition of precision and incredible timing on the part of the drummers.  It was very impressive and I hope I get to go to something like that again.

Morikami Japanese Gardens & Museum: January 8, 2017: 5966

Week 3

Early morning sunrise session and a way to decompress my mind.  I love heading to the local pier to watch the sunrise.  This morning was rough and I did not think we would get a great sunrise but mother nature surprised me.  I took the opportunity to pull out my Lensbaby Composer Pro and Sweet 35 optic and to take some shots of the pier.

Sunrise at Deerfield Beach: January 13, 2017: 6124

Week 4

We took a drive up to Jupiter for a days outing.  At lunch time we stopped at a cafe just under this bridge.  I could not resister going for a walk to capture the shape of the bridge.

Hutchinson Island: January 21, 2017:

Week 5

On occasions I will head to Loxahatchee National Park, which is one of the entrance points to the Florida Everglades.  Sunsets are generally spectacular and the moodier the better for me.

A.R.M Loxahatchee National Park: January 26, 2017: 7272

Week 6

I took a walk at Wakodahatchee Wetlands in Boynton Beach.  Black Bellied Whistling Ducks are one of my favorite ducks here locally.  I loved the framing of this image through the trees.

Wakadohatchee Wetlands: February 2, 2017:  7557

Week 7

I sat outside on the grass to watch the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. I think my neighbors thought me crazy. I loved the cloud images but I was having difficulty seeing an eclipse to be honest

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse: February 10, 2017

Week 8

I was back at Loxahatchee National Park watching the sunset.  This time I had my Lensaby Composer Pro and Double Glass optic with me and I love the blurred effect you get with this optic.

A.R.M Loxahatchee National Park: February 239, 2017: 8392

Week 9

Street Photography and the topic is from above. It is hard to look inconspicuous and still get the image that you want.

Street 52:  From Above:  February 23, 2017:  8338

Week 10

This is the second time I have stopped off at the Magnolia Store just as you join the Florida Turnpike.  My colleagues wanted to shop.  They quickly found out that I do not enjoy shopping – I want to get in and out.  However, what did interest me was adjacent to the shops was this small cemetery.  This particular tombstone showed that this family had lost 8 children.  Moments like that allow you to reflect on someone’s life.

Columbus Georgia Conference Trip: March 2-6, 2017:

Week 11

I spent 5 days in Columbus, Georgia. I took a walk along the Columbus River walk that runs alongside the Chattanooga River.  It is a beautiful walk and I would encourage anyone heading up that way to spend some time walking it.  It is a 15 mile walk and you are bound to meeting interesting people and see some beautiful scenery.

Columbus Georgia Conference Trip: March 2-6, 2017: 8914

Week 12

You may have gathered by now I that like Lensbaby products and this image was also taken with the Lensbaby Composer Pro and the Double Glass optic.  I found this optic by chance and then went searching for and found 3 of the older style optics, the Pinhole, the Plastic and the Single Glass optic.

Lily: March 13, 2017:  9365

Week 13

My theme for Artists Inpired for the month of April was black and so I headed to the Palm Beach Zoo to try and find some inspiration.  The Monkeys did not want to give me the time of day, and so I did not manage to shoot for my theme.  However this Peacock, did give me the most amazing display of fanned feathers.  It strutted around, showing off it’s beautiful colors.

Palm Beach Zoo: March 31, 2017 0295

Week 14

I finally managed to shoot for my black theme for Artists Inspired.  I headed over to Morakami Japanese Gardens and Museum to take a slow meander and look for things that may catch my attention.

Morikami Japanese Gardens & Museum: April 7, 2017: 1758