Capturing the Year 2017

Capturing the Year 2017 52 week project stemmed out of a Flickr group I was part of.  When the Lens to Go Pro project stopped a Facebook group started up.  I joined it but pulled out halfway through the year when I had surgery.  Although this may happen again this year I am going to try and keep up with it.  This particular group has subject topics to follow.

Week 1:  New

I love new fern fronds as they unravel.  I also love how the new frond is unraveling under the shelter of the older frond.


Week 2:  January

January is one of those months when ideally it should be cold but this year in South Florida it really isn’t. Things are dull and dry and the light was not great.  What I do love about this time of the year is the reflections in the water.

Every so often your world just feels a little upside down.

Week 3: Body Parts

Every so often you will have an encounter in the wetlands with one or another bird.  I recently had one with 2 Cormorants and while taking photos I took of its feet.  I think it started off a foot fascination for me.  The feet below are that of an Egyptian Goose.  A pair hopped up onto the wooden walkway railing and proceeded to get into everyone’s space.  I took a number of images and then got down level with the boardwalk to shoot this image of their feet.

Wakodahatchee Wetlands: January 2, 2017: 5753

Week 4 ~ Childhood Memory

As a child I remember my father loved to go fishing and so the whole family would be dragged along to the beach or the pier so that he could fish.  My brother did not mind the fishing but he hated having to bait up the hook.

Dubois Park: Jupiter: December 3, 2016 4712

Week 5 ~ Circle

I discovered by accident that if I turned the Lensbaby Sweet 35 optic to the ultimate blur position I got this amazing circle of bokeh.  Having discovered that I am having a whole lot of fun with it.

A.R.M Loxahatchee National Park: January 26, 2017: 7208

Week 6 – Multicolored

You never quite know what the sunset is going to be like when you head out to Loxahatchee National Park.  This was one of those multicolored sunsets.

A.R.M Loxahatchee National Park: February 3, 2017: 7689

Week 7 ~ Mail

Never did I in my wildest imagination think that I would see a vulture at my front gate. This particular day, my neighbor had thrown away a raw chicken carcass, and it did not take long for the Turkey Vultures to appear.  Ugly as they are it was a stunning sight to see.

Mail:  January 7, 2013:  003

Week 8 ~ What I love

Simba is our rescue cat.  We brought him home and he has made himself very comfortable.  He is not as innocent as he looks and has a tendency to give our other little cat a hard time.  However, he loves to cuddle and snuggle and has definitely wiggled his way into our hearts.

Mr Cool Cat: September2, 2015 8151

Week 10 ~ On the ground

The Wild Iris at the wetlands are always so beautiful to look at and the are definitely on the ground.

Green Cay Wetlands: March 17, 2017: 9579

Week 11 ~ A sign

We stopped at a coffee shop in Columbus, Georgia and I happened to spot this sign in the room.  It was an interesting and eclectic little coffee shop but I was reminded to be grateful that each day is a new day.

Columbus Georgia Conference Trip: March 2-6, 2017: 9111

Week 12 ~ Green

This flower really appealed to me.  I loved the pop of purple in amongst the green.

Green Cay Wetlands: March 17, 2017: 9561

Week 14 ~  Light

I spotted this light fitting in a church in Columbus Georgia.  I loved the stain glass windows and when I stood directly under the light fitting I thought this was going to be an interesting result.

Columbus Georgia Conference Trip: March 2-6, 2017: 9103

Week 15 ~ Spring

I am back in the wetlands and Spring has sprung, with tiny chicks all over the place. There are Woodstork galore, since they have taken over all the trees, there are also Anhinga who have gone back to their usual spot, and in random places you will find the White Egret and her tiny chicks.

Wakodahatchee Wetlands: April 6, 2017:  1568