52 Week Projects

I have undertaken to do 4 52 week projects this year.  Am I nuts?  Probably, especially since I am planning more surgery this year,  But I am going to stick with it as best I can.

Once again I am doing the By Heart 52 Weeks.  This group is amazing and I love being part of it.  They challenge me to do more and encourage you all the time.

Street 52 is a new project that I have joined.  More and more as we travel to cities across the country, I find myself actively seeking different areas to photograph.  Seattle was a dream city to be taking street images.  I am looking forward to what I can find this year.

Inspire yourself Creative 52 week project is also a new group that I have joined.  For this group my goal was to take 52 weeks of black and white images.

The last group I am in is one I have been in previously and dropped out of.  Most of these folk were on a Flickr project with me 2 years ago and when that project stopped the new group Capturing the Year – 52 week project began.  This group stipulates specific themes and some weeks are easy and some are challenging.

Please click on the drop down menu’s for each group.