Artists Inspired: April 2017: Black

Artists Inspired theme color for this month is Black.  Black should not be hard for me, I love black, it is my favorite color.  80% of my closet is black.  So why did I struggle this month.

First off, the day I was going to go and shoot my “black” theme, became Black Friday for me.  I flooded the double story house by accident.  Suffice to say there was a whole lot of water and it was not black.  Richards mood was not black either.

Then I headed off to the zoo to see if I could photograph the black monkeys.  Okay so I go to do that but truthfully that monkey was so bored that all it did was hang on a branch, and not move.  Once it looked at me and as I lifted the camera, it turned away. Reminded me of Ms Moonshine at home.  Each time I pick up the camera she will look away.

I was getting pretty desperate and actually took some images of Ms Moonshine simply because she is an all black cat.  I had one last Friday to do this, so after a doctors visit, and then breakfast with my son, I did a de-tour to Morikami Japanese Gardens and Museum for a short walk.  I am not optimistic enough to think I am going to be able to walk right around the gardens, but I manage 1/3 rd of the way before I turn around and go back.  So today images come from my walk through the gardens.  Come walk with me.

~ Black ~

of the very darkest color owing to the absence of or complete absorption of light; the opposite of white.
















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16 Comments on “Artists Inspired: April 2017: Black

    • Thank you Rachel. I have to admit I love them as well. They are a bit to busy for my liking right now but as soon as the days get warmer it will quieten down a bit.


  1. This is such a gorgeous collection, Sharleen! Even though there were bumps in the road, this set is just amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Nikki – we are kind of still living with the bumps, but hopefully they will be sorted out soon. I appreciate your kind words.


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